The Science of Conscience

Since our childhood we grow with various consciences! We have memories of success and failure, and we live and grow with them. We explore things, love and hate them, as per our consciousness.

We become conscious about the happening around with all sorts of awareness and our ability to cope and live with.  Up to a certain extent we understand the science and it sounds like an endless journey to know the fullest of it.

I am talking about the science behind our conscience, where we try to do things as per our need and moderate them as per our deed. We sometimes interpret science in our own way and oppose it as well. We talk pro about big hydro-power projects in mountains when we need a contract and about its fatal consequences when we need a social project. And in this way we encourage others to do the same way as we feel about the consequences of development.

In majority of cases we have different dimensions and values in different aspects. Our scientists and researchers working on various socially linked projects speak about their science to a person who is not in real need of it. But, their conscience allow it to do so, as he gets more benefit out of it by doing so, rather taking it to the people in need of it. Our politicians speak the language of a ‘King’ when they are in power politics and the language of a beggar when they seek votes for them to become so. At time they say ‘we will think about your problem’ and time again ‘ ek bar sewa ka awasar de’ [give us a chance to serve you].

Is it something to deal with our conscience or the science that we need to survive on this earth. Whatever, we see it, feel it and live it!

We have various arguments to support our stand and references to prove them, but, does our conscience allow it always?

I feel that the science of our consciousness needs further exploration, as what happens when our consciousness doesn’t allow us to do what we do generally.What side effect we have when this happens and how it impacts our overall life and generations. What happens to our voices when we pledge our truthfulness while taking a job and what happens when we don’t do so. Where those words go! Why doesn’t our own inner voice allow us to do things that helps others!  Which are the forces those distract us to do wrong!

We need to consider this dimension of science seriously to overcome from various ongoing problems around the world.

I wish to know more about the science behind our conscience!

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A native of Himalayas, his work and interest remained in these mighty and beautiful mountains. A seasoned professional, worked on various environment and development issues over decade in India and its mountains. Vajpai is trained on various ecosystem approaches in water resources, bio-diversity, farming and climatic issues. At present he is working as Convener and Environment Specialist at Climate Himalaya, and involved in developing the first phase of knowledge networking and partnership among interest groups. His quest is about various social, environmental and developmental efforts in Himalayan Mountains and their impact to its dwellers. They are about various practices, policies and institutional functioning and about contemporary to traditional science. His writings are contextual, and entail the veracity of development in Himalayan Mountains!

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