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Limits To Growth And Beyond – Part II

Affluence is a relative term in societal contexts because in each society standards there are rich and poor. But there are few in the world, as many from North as from South, who are rich by any standard. Similarly, despite raised standard of living, there are under-privileged people in both the developed and developing nations, people who lack jobs, health security, education, food and home. And there are a large number of people under famine, malnutrition, water and sanitation stress and vulnerable to diseases and death. When world economy collapses and industrial output plummets down the curve, it is the most vulnerable section of humanity that receives the mortal blow first. But for now, the Limits to Growth are felt by the affluent societies of the developed world more than the developing world.


Terracotta Cups of India losing to plastic cups

In India, tea is one great sip of refreshment at home or when on move. If you visit any Indian city, suburb or even village the second shanty shop by the road is a tea stall that caters to thirsty passers-by serving steaming cups of tea. In a railway journey, on each station where the train halts, your window will be adorned by the eager face of a tea vendor at any time of the day. For such a populous country and such tea fetish, tea is big business in India. Read more >>

Why Solar Is Not Going To be The Future of Sustainability

This is in response to Line Leonhard’s proposal for giant solar energy generation plants in Saharan Africa somewhat in line with DESERTEC proposal, my doubts and extended clarification of both Line’s and my position on the issue. I promised her a full blog post on the issue, our differences and a possible convergence of ideas.

First off, I need to appreciate Line’s free thinking and audacity of hope. In my book she scores a perfect 10 for thinking outrageously originally. I am not here for mere reporting, and it’s a privilege to see human mind work creatively and ideas emerge like crystals. My objections and disagreement with Line’s ideas are based on views and not on spirit. In fact I liked her post very much and recommend it to everyone ( Invest in Sahara – Why Don’t Ya ?). Read more >>


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