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May 15, 2011   //   by Pabitra // Arts and Literature , Featured , Spirituality // 2 Comments

In every house

One bird

It perches on the apartment

With a thousand rooms

It’s main room

Is unreachable

You cannot know it

When it goes there.

Climate Change: Environmentalism and Religion

Jan 15, 2011   //   by Pabitra // Climate Change , Environment // No Comments

I had a few minutes trouble, some hesitation about that ‘and’ in the heading of my article. There was a confusion of mixed feelings about the use of it – may be an ‘or’ could be more appropriate. Appropriate because Environmentalism with its current central focus on Global Warming and Climate Change arguably draws its credibility from science; facts, data and interpretation – we say Global Warming and Climate Change are real not because we just feel that way in our hearts but because it is supported by a huge body of evidence and cold hard science to back it up. Religion is mostly faith, a deep sense of spirituality that is central to our psyche and removed from observation, measurement and proof. So Environmentalism is at loggerheads with Religion and an ‘or’ looks more appropriate, may be a question mark at the end, better. Read more >>


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