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‘The authorities in New York are discovering what Egypt also learned — that it’s not as easy to regulate or arrest journalists when everyone is a journalist. But while that may make our lives a little more complicated, it is fundamentally a good thing for society,’ writes Mathew Ingram in his post ‘ What happens when journalism is everywhere.


Kallenbach Letters – What if Gandhi was Gay?


I feel like crying out to you ‘Do come  and  help  me!’  Mrs. Gandhi is again down with her swellings. She has lost all power of resistance. She weeps like a child, is ever angry with me as if I was the party responsible for her swellings. I am over head and ears in work. This  institution  costs  me  much  trouble.  I  wish  I  had  the  time  to describe to you the troubles I am passing through. I am not dejected but I feel lonely. You know what I mean. Heaven knows what will happen. There are so many sick people on the Farm. I want hours of solitude and have not a minute of it. Do ‘buck up’ and prepare for the struggle of the spirit when you are able to come here.

I know nothing about some honour  that has been  conferred upon me. I have just received a letter of congratulations. More in my next.

With love,


From the original: Gandhi-Kallenbach Correspondence. Courtesy: National Archives of India

India Government has bought the whole collection of mementos, documents and letters between Hermann Kallenbach and M.K.Gandhi from Sotheby’s in a private deal at $ 1.28 Million fueling  speculation of an attempt to keep the private relationship of nation’s father-head secret, which some say, was homosexual or homoerotic.


Womb For Hire

Approximate Surrogacy Cycle Cost at a reputed hospital in India is about US $ 22 to 35k. Add IVF/ICSI cost of about US $ 2 to 3k, you can have a child through a surrogate in under US $ 40k. That’s an attractive package because the same cost in US is 50 to 100k. Commercial Surrogacy is not illegal in India. That and a reasonably efficient medical technology (at least for those who can afford it) at a globally competitive price makes India a popular destination for fertility tourism . For example check Med Tourism Co, LLC, an international medical travel facilitation company registered in the State of Texas from their website here . Read more >>

The Science of Conscience

Since our childhood we grow with various consciences! We have memories of success and failure, and we live and grow with them. We explore things, love and hate them, as per our consciousness.

We become conscious about the happening around with all sorts of awareness and our ability to cope and live with.  Up to a certain extent we understand the science and it sounds like an endless journey to know the fullest of it.

I am talking about the science behind our conscience, where we try to do things as per our need and moderate them as per our deed. We sometimes interpret science in our own way and oppose it as well. We talk pro about big hydro-power projects in mountains when we need a contract and about its fatal consequences when we need a social project. And in this way we encourage others to do the same way as we feel about the consequences of development. Read more >>

Is the need of water only physical?

Jan 15, 2011   //   by Pabitra // Water // 2 Comments

I guess not.

I come from a country and a culture deeply rooted in water. As I research on ‘Water’ as a global resource, a life link and the crisis about it, I pass by facts, stats, stories of untold misery. I come across issues and positions and the anxiety over it by people who care and amidst my preparation of finding my voice about it, I continue to be haunted by subliminal ripples somewhere deep down inside me that make me feel if we lose water, we will lose more than sustenance. At least here in my country. Read more >>


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