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Sitting on a rising hill

For a young man or lady from the hills of Himalaya, it does not matter profoundly how unique their home is. Life draws them into the more immediate concerns of need, and I understand that…


TED is a website owned by the Sapling Foundation, a nonprofit foundation.  It was established by Chris Anderson, who was a magazine publishing entrepreneur at the time TED was born. Running with a subtext ‘an…

In every house One bird It perches on the apartment With a thousand rooms It’s main room Is unreachable You cannot know it When it goes there.   In the middle of a room Framed…

Spontaneous Individuality: The way to get good things done

Sticks and Carrots management is a thing of past. Spontaneous Individuality needs to be given a chance. [Read full post]

Water: The New Approach

If you are a young man on a tight budget and your girlfriend is not impressed with a cup of coffee in the neighborhood restaurant, tell her that her cup of coffee has a history of 140 liters of water in its genesis. [Read full post]

Want Not Waste Not? Is that relevant for Climate Change Movement?

Answers to big questions need not necessarily be big. A somewhat philosophical look into the Climate Change Movement, an assessment of the core of the dilemma. [Read full post]. This is a cross post from Th!nk About It.

Climate Change: Environmentalism and Religion

Is Environment the new God? [Read full post] This is a cross post from Th!nk About It.

A city on renal failure

If a city needs to breath to live, it must also need to excrete to live healthily. Have you wondered where your daily share of latrine waste go? [Read full post]. This is a cross post from Th!nk About It.

Anonymity in the Internet

Can someone track you down to your hometown from your email? [Read full post]

Metro Rail – Kolkata’s suicide corridor

Unabated suicide incidents in Kolkata Metro. [Read full Post]

Is the need of water only physical?

Without water we will more than die.[Read full post] Cross-post from Th!nk About It.

Shore Protection Works – The Bigger Picture Part III

There is little debate that Shore Protection Works of future need to be integrated with social, economic and ecologic aspects of our growth. [Read full post] Concluding part of a 3 part article.

Shore Protection Works – The Bigger Picture Part II

When the idea of shore starts to encompass highly populated cities and very important economic activity zones, the vulnerability issues of shores become intricately linked with social, economic and political issues as well. A threatened shore containing high demographic distribution, trade and commerce and strategic administrative/political location is more than a geo-morphological vulnerability; it is a direct threat to growth and prosperity of the country. [Read full post] Part II of a 3 part article.