Half-poet’s Diary

Words have a pristine beauty. A magical wonderfulness. But I sense this wonderful beauty only in poetry. Words are simple, naked, pure yet profound when they form poetry. How and why they do so, elludes me forever. Sometimes, I can have them in a certain strange order and they seem to speak so privately to me. But, only sometimes. Not always.
It feels like as if I can get only half of them.
I am a half poet. And this remain’s a half poet’s diary.


I watched you from a distance.
I never confessed until now.
Never had the courage to be robbed underneath a waterfall.
Today, I realize, I have little time for the pleasure of a shower…..

I know, it’s piracy that you expected from men
But you are waylaid by the lover who told
He would take you to the flower country.
And I see that you wear his false promises
In your hair like beads of bone.
Say, if you now have me
To tear those skeletal beads away?
Say, if it’s me the primeval man
For whom you have kept unplucked
The aroused flower of yours?

Hey, listen. I am nocturnal to this civilisation.
I have kept it secret that my wings are scorched
I have not left this stupor my entire youth
I have witnessed flowers blooming by deathbeds
I won’t let this desert night sleep now
I want to show this moon to the girl born blind.
Can you not see it is the desert night
That sent me message through its eyes?

If you understand,
Please charm the deaf poet.
If he trembles, blind him openly
And then kiss his scorched eyes.
Let the world see
Under sun’s fury
The urbane by-standers gaping
You are actually
Bathing with the insane poet in a public fountain.

[Translated from Joy Goswami's poem "Snan"]

A poem for your song

Someone walks in my shadow
Turns as I turn
Runs as I flee
Waits as I stop to catch my breath.

Someone walks in my shadow
Weeps as I cry
Strives as I try
Sighs as I give up and fret

Someone walks in my shadow
Speaks as I think
Recalls as I link
Lusts as I look at you and long

Someone walks in my shadow
Seeks as I search
Burns as I touch
Gives me a poem for your song.

How far is the water mother?

How far is the water mother?

Baby, it’s just beyond the tree

Haw cool is the water mother?

Sweetheart, it’s sweet and free

Sun goes high up, shadows shrink

Mama and baby walk for their drink

Two step, three step and step four

Baby do you think your feet are sore?

Walk a little sweetheart

Walk another mile

Mother, I’m thirsty

It’s hard to smile

How far is the water mother?

Angel, it’s just past the hill

How good is the water mother?

Baby, it’s not gonna kill.

[1 February 2011]

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