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Climate Change – A New Narrative

Climate Change – A New Narrative

The world is yet again looking at Durban, a coastal city in South Africa as UNFCCC is meeting for COP17. Looking, yet not expecting much. The world is expecting things to change and doubting it too.

Climate Change and how we deal with it is an ongoing story. It started with a doubt and continuing with doubts.

Doubt 1. Climate Change? Is it happening really? We cannot look outside our windows and see it. We moved on. I guess nobody seriously doubts Climate Change and our responsibility in its causes.

Doubt 2. Ok it is happening. But is the effect serious? Maybe it’s some weird scientists and environuts spinning a story and trying to take away my iPod, swimming pool, expensive cars and trying to make me shameful for my wealth. There is such volumes of evidence in support of our monstrous interactions with nature, such aggressive consumptiona and it’s undeniable effect on our biosphere that one needs to be seriously gullible to ignore it anymore.

Doubt 3. Ok. It’s happening and sure man is responsible. But it’s inevitable. Man’s basic nature is destructive. His history is that of a plunderer, a cruel, cunning, greedy animal. Reference? Wars, exploitation, aggression – libraryful of that. So wahtever we do, we are doomed.

Corollary: Since nothing can stop this downward journey, let’s watch a movie, drink a beer and go about with life. Business as usual.

However, this is not entirely true.

We have a new narrative. Or very close.

For example:

1. Poor do not need the ‘help’ or ‘charity’ from rich. Rich need to be smart to see it as an oppertunity to be a part of the grand sucess stories that are happening in Africa and Asia.

2. Compassion and caring are in-built qualities in humans just like many vices. The changing world is now offering us to be more human, to love, care and take part in whichever way we can make a difference.

Jessica Jackley’s tears cannot be faked. See how she became the part of this new narrative.

This is resource re-distribution at it’s best.

3. We can innovate, each one us and make a difference. Even a Chef. See Barton Seaver’s proposal for a sustainable sea food.

I can go on and on. These are good news. Positive news. News that say we can make it.

If you watched the videos, I have a question to you. How many do you think were present in the audience of each speaker? Let’s make a guess. 100. Let’s take 20% of the audience take the speakers seriously. That’s 20 people. If they start doing things creatively and start telling their stories to 20 people each every month, it will take a few months for the world full of people each of whom are active agents of change. Junior school maths.

It is possible.

Feature Image Credit: Panos.org

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Pabitra is an Honors graduate in Civil Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. He has specialized in the field of River Hydraulics working for more than two decades training rivers, protecting banks and beaches and fighting erosion of the river banks/beds. He has worked with Bio-Engineering models involving mangroves using them as tools for cost effective and natural means of anti-erosion technology.His work is mostly concerning the extremely morpho-dynamic Hugly estuary with Bay of Bengal In course of his work, he got exposed to indigenous people of the Sunderban wetlands, who are fighting a losing battle against aggressive Industrialization. Pabitra loves to read and write and he is full of crazy ideas. He is a Youth Leader and Adviser to Climate Himalaya. He is also a contributor member of THINK ABOUT IT platform of European Journalism Center and a winner of the recently concluded competitive blogging on Water. Pabitra believes that he has a tryst with the strange river-country south of Bengal.

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