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A Dying Beach And A New Earning – Case Study

Climate Change Movement has a third world twist in India. While the Western World is ahead both in damaging contributions to Nature and starting a green initiative to check it, in populous countries like India there is a different take on it. With globalization and open market, India is surging forward with a 7 (or thereabout) % GDP growth for several years now and is considered a new emerging super power next to China. Some experts place more trust on India’s growth on account of its huge knowledge base,  human resources and reasonably stable political system (a secular democracy) as opposed to China’s single party based regime. Read more >>

So, what’s new?

A lot actually. More than we care to know sometimes. There are so many new things around us that we sometimes fail to grasp the change. World is changing. Inside out. Literally, because every 4 minutes synaptic networks of our cerebral cortex renews – like refreshing your PC – and every couple of months you have literally a new brain, cell for cell. This inward change is just one reflection of all changes around us, from microscopic to Cosmic scale. We are destined to change and new things must outgrow the old; that’s the Order of Nature. Read more >>

Water, Antiquity and Humanity

Aug 30, 2011   //   by Pabitra // Arts and Literature , Featured , Spirituality , Water // 2 Comments

RV VII, 49

1. Ceaselessly they flow from the depths, pure, never sleeping, the Ocean their sponsor, following the channels ordained by the Thunderer. Now may these great divine Waters quicken
me!

Fire on the Mountain

This is a cross post from Climate Himalaya .

The gentleman in the payment kiosk swiped the card and gave it back to me. Then he asked my wife for the carry bag to pack the month’s provision. Carry bags? What?? You are not packing this into plastic bags? My wife looked puzzled. No ma’am, we are not giving away plastic bags with effect from 1 st August, sorry, Government Regulations, said the gentleman. For once we can help you with carry bags…let’s see, it will be 10 jumbo bags at Rs. 8 each…so that will be Rs. 80. Should I do that ma’am?

That was the longest face I ever saw of my wife. We had a long environmental discussion as I drove back. Life is full of sudden twists and not necessarily every changing necessity of it come gift wrapped. Read more >>

Sitting on a rising hill

For a young man or lady from the hills of Himalaya, it does not matter profoundly how unique their home is. Life draws them into the more immediate concerns of need, and I understand that there are many of those – basic infrastructure, healthcare, education and a much sought after peace from the people of the plains who throng each season the majestic and tranquil hills and mountains as tourists. Not to say about the litter and pollution that they leave as gifts. One of my friends who visited Kedarnath last year told me that he heard an announcement that on his day there were as many as 5,00,000 cars on Kedarnath. Stunning, I would say! Read more >>


May 23, 2011   //   by Pabitra // Featured , Reviews // 1 Comment

TED is a website owned by the Sapling Foundation, a nonprofit foundation.  It was established by Chris Anderson, who was a magazine publishing entrepreneur at the time TED was born. Running with a subtext ‘an idea worth spreading’ TED hosts talks and presentation of contributors from all walks of life. The talks are mostly brilliant, inspiring and thought provoking to say the least. If you have yet not checked the site here is the link . I have been following TED for couple of years now and watched the TED videos extensively and used a few within the premises of Creative Commons (CC) License. Though a bit elitist and beyond reach of people without enough resources to attend TED Conferences, TED talks are freely downloadable and very educative. Read more >>

May 15, 2011   //   by Pabitra // Arts and Literature , Featured , Spirituality // 2 Comments

In every house

One bird

It perches on the apartment

With a thousand rooms

It’s main room

Is unreachable

You cannot know it

When it goes there.

Spontaneous Individuality: The way to get good things done

Jan 16, 2011   //   by Pabitra // Featured , Reviews // 1 Comment

Barry Schwartz is a treat to watch and listen. In a recent Ted talk he dissected the official dogma of conformist ‘stick and carrot’ approach to life’s challenges and spoke compellingly in favor of bringing in an element of practical wisdom in dealing with situations. He admits to belong to a strongly dissatisfied group of people which certainly includes his friend, colleague and co-author of the book ‘Practical Wisdom’, Ken Sharpe. The dissatisfaction is about the current state of affairs where we see stupendous failures in banking and investment sectors, education systems and judiciary. Every time there is a collapse we see new set of rules (read sticks) in place, more elaborate and fine tuned and there is an expectation that even though the implementers know naughts about their jobs, the rules can auto-pilot in any given situation. We also see incentives (read carrots) given away for goal achievement which takes away personal commitment and passion from a job and incentives become more important than the service. Barry’s narrative is in context of his country, which is USA, but like any great thought it has an element of truth that is applicable for any country or society for that matter. Below is the video of Barry’s speech, which I strongly recommend for my reader. Read more >>

Water: The New Approach

Jan 16, 2011   //   by Pabitra // Environment , Featured , Water // 2 Comments

The revered and provider role of Nature from the ancient times was arguably on account of its most ubiquitous resource, water. Humanity understood its life sustaining importance in the antiquity and man’s approach to it as a commodity and a treasure is documented in archeology and history in the form of water retaining structures, water distribution systems, public bathrooms and tons of literature. This relationship with Nature’s most abundant resource was however philosophically rooted in a deep belief that supply of water is limit less. Traditionally global and regional water resources were thought of as an everlasting supply to furnish the needs of human societies and thereby assisting in socio-economic development. It is only recently and with advancement of science and technology, we started to grasp the limitedness of usable freshwater in nature and the Water Paradigm changed with a underlining of the issue of sustainability. Read more >>

Want Not Waste Not? Is that relevant for Climate Change Movement?

Jan 16, 2011   //   by Pabitra // Climate Change , Environment // No Comments

In my last blog post (my Th!nk4 blog post see here ) I proposed “Want not, waste not” as one essentially necessary change of attitude to aid the Climate Change Movement, which was liked by Ms Giedre Stekunaite, my fellow blogger of this platform. I am thankful to her of course, but in retrospect I feel I need to write about this “Want not, waste not”.

Want not? Doesn’t that sound paradoxical? How can one prosper without wanting? Is it a kind of mumbo-jumbo oriental philosophy, may be Hindu-Buddhist hocus pocus? I can imagine any number of questions like that, maybe I wasn’t asked one such courtesy the impeccable manners and restraint of the bloggers and readers of this platform. But the silence is poignant, I sensed that way too many times to know better. Read more >>


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