To Drink Water From Air

The idea of collecting dew, fog and atmospheric water was always prevalent in human societies. Apart from Knapen, there are quite a number of inventors who tried to harness water from atmosphere sometimes inspired from ancient archeological finds. The notable ones were Russian engineer Friedrich Zibold, the French bioclimatologist Leon Chaptal and the German-Australian researcher Wolf Klaphake. All of them tried experimentally to design and build passive, mass collecting dew collectors with varying degree of success which inspired modern research and formation of The International Organization for Dew UtilizationRead more>>

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The Immortality Question

Juan Enriquez and Steve Gullans proposed in their book ‘Homo Evolutis: short tour of a new species’ (A Kindle version of the book is available in at 3 dollars – I think my best spent 3 dollars in months!) that humans are possibly speciating into a new kind of super hominids for the first time in a horizonal speciation and in a directed evolution where unlike the previous evolutionary history humans as a species are not subject to a one way natural selection but nature is modified by humans to the extent that humans are controlling evolution to some effect. Read more >>

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Why Solar Is Not Going To be The Future of Sustainability

In a broader perspective, if we look at sunshine as a key resource, its geographical distribution is clearly and naturally favored along the equator or roughly sunshine countries. If a new solar technology now arise which is as efficient and reliable as fossil fuel electricity, these countries may consider the sunshine as their natural resource just like OPEC countries consider oil as theirs. Read more >>

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